Successful Pilot Test of Drilling Fluid Technology

On February 22, the pilot test of high-performance calcium based drilling fluid system in Henan Oilfield was successfully applied in well Zhaoping 5-1, which laid a solid technical foundation for the implementation of green drilling in Henan Oilfield.

The mud shale formation in Nanyang Sag and Biyang sag of Henan Oilfield is easy to hydrate, expand and peel off, resulting in problems such as wellbore instability, stuck drilling and resistance of electrical measurement. These problems are not only not conducive to the discovery of oil and gas, but also increase the production cost, which is difficult to be effectively solved with the existing engineering technology. The engineering technology management department of Henan Oilfield combed the drilling and logging data of complex wells in different regions, innovated ideas, clarified the causes and mechanism of collapse, and formulated an anti collapse drilling fluid with divalent metal ions as the core. After three months of research, discussion and laboratory test, a high-performance anti sloughing calcium based drilling fluid was constructed.

The drilling fluid system was applied for the first time in well Zhao 5-1 in Henan Oilfield, and achieved success in one fell swoop.

The technology has the characteristics of strong anti infection and reusability, which effectively reduces the probability of shale collapse, is conducive to oil and gas discovery, increases the mechanical drilling speed by 15%, reduces the drilling investment by 20% and the waste treatment cost by 20%.

On February 21, the oil and gas development management department, engineering technology management department and logging company of Henan Oilfield made a detailed deployment on how to accelerate the large-scale application and open up the last kilometer of the transformation of new achievements. In the first half of the year, Henan Oilfield will promote the drilling fluid technology system in 6 wells.

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