Successful Application of Drilling System

Recently, the dq40bs high-performance frequency conversion electric top drive drilling system (drilling depth capacity 4000m) independently developed by China dizhuang (Beijing) science and Technology Research Institute of state machinery group (hereinafter referred to as “China dizhuang Research Institute”) was applied to the hl-70l1 coalbed methane directional well construction project of Shanxi Lanyan group for the first time and achieved good results.

The designed hole depth of the project is nearly 3000 meters. The deviation is made from 1320 meters and 1800 meters into the horizontal section. At present, the drilling depth is 1740 meters. Since drilling, the project has been smoothly promoted, the overall operation of the drilling system is stable, and the main bearing has good impact resistance; High precision of transmission control torque and speed control; Directional drilling disc brake is safe and reliable; The mechanical, hydraulic and electrical operation has good stability and high trouble free operation rate, which greatly improves the drilling efficiency and has been highly praised by the on-site technicians and the construction party.

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