Straight 20 Boarded The 055 Deck!

Recently, there is more news about the China Uni 20, which is very similar to the American Black Hawk. In fact, this helicopter has been developed for many years. Now the flowering result is not surprising, but one case worth noting is that Before the news that Luhang had not officially served in the 20th official service, it was first exposed to a rare 4-machine formation flight training photo, and these straight 20 were painted by the People’s Liberation Army, and then appeared in the Straight 20 model parked on the rear deck of the domestic 055 destroyer.

These signals all indicate that although the current straight 20 has not officially announced its service, at least the small-scale equipment and aviation units should be inseparable. Moreover, it is because of the straight 20 on the deck of the 055 destroyer that appeared later. Sitting on the ambition of the follow-up equipment construction of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army naval forces, because of the sea version straight 20, our people have been waiting for a long time, China has waited for so many years, and the legendary 075 amphibious assault ship will not Farther away, it can even be said that the distance is only one step away.

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