Stockholm, Jan. 3 (xinhua) — China’s Chang ‘e-4 Lunar Lander Is An Important Milestone In Its Mission To Sweden

Xinhua news agency reporter fu yiming, and miao

“The chang ‘e-4 moon landing is an important milestone and a significant step [in human space history],” he said.Martin weitzer, a researcher at the Swedish institute of space physics and head of the chang ‘e-4 Swedish science payload program, told xinhua in a telephone interview Wednesday.

Weize said that one of the important scientific instruments on chang ‘e-4, the neutral atomic detector jointly developed by Switzerland and China, is a sophisticated instrument that helps scientists to find out how the solar wind ACTS on the moon.

“I would like to extend warm congratulations to our partner, the national space science center of the Chinese academy of sciences.”Weize said the success of chang ‘e-4’s lunar landing also marked the return of the Swedish device to the moon after half a century of separation, which was “fantastic.”A Swedish device followed the U.S. Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969.

By detecting neutral atoms and ions on the moon’s surface, where the instrument will monitor interactions between the solar wind and the moon’s surface, the first data is expected to be sent back around mid-february.

“The moon is an exciting place and we are very curious about the future results.”

How the solar wind, or the flow of charged particles from the sun, affects the moon’s surface is a new area of research, and data from the neutral atomic probe are important to understand this fundamental physical process, weiser said.

“Monitoring particles interacting on the surface of the moon is a very complex process, and the results will be exciting!For example, through monitoring and research, it is possible to find clues as to where the water on the moon came from.Wei said.

Weize said he was impressed by the “diligence” and “very professional spirit” of the Chinese partners in years of cooperation with the national space science center of the Chinese academy of sciences.He was glad that the cooperation between the two sides had achieved a landmark result.

Weize marveled at the speed of China’s space development.He believes that China’s achievements in space development have attracted worldwide attention.”I firmly believe that China will make great, great achievements in the space industry.I look forward to more in-depth cooperation between Switzerland and China in the space field.

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