Stepper Motor

Stepper motor is a kind of open loop servo motor system actuators, control, on the basis of pulse output angular displacement. Compared with AC servo motor and DC servo motor, its advantage is low price, and no accumulated error. Stepper motor run, however, there is a lot of shortcomings, such as the low frequency oscillation, and the higher resolution, noise and seriously restricted the application range of the stepper motor.

The performance of the stepper motor has a close relationship with its stepping drive, drive technology improvement to overcome the shortcoming of stepper motor. Relative to other drive mode, subdivided driving mode can not only reduce the stepper motor step Angle, to improve the resolution, and can reduce or eliminate the low frequency vibration, make motor running more smoothly even.

In general, subdivided driving control effect is best. Because common low-end stepping motor servo system without encoder feedback, so with the increase of the motor speed corresponding decreases, and its internal control current step resulting in lost phenomenon. So in the field that speed and accuracy is not high, its application is very extensive

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