Space Station Enters The Formal Construction Stage

Recently, a news about the retire of Tiangong 2 has spread throughout the network. It has flown more than 1,000 days in space orbit, contributing light and heat to the development of China’s space station. Its retirement means that China’s space station will enter. new area. During this period, Tiangong 2 realized the docking with Shenzhou 11 and Tianzhou No. 1 cargo spacecraft, which all reflected China’s breakthrough in the space field.

In the continuous upgrading and progress, Tiangong No.1 and Tiangong No.2 are very successful and have over-fulfilled their scientific research missions, allowing us to have a foothold in the international arena and continue to build a more powerful super space station. These are all worth looking forward to.

In the face of the retirement of the “space model” Tiangong 2, we will of course feel sad, but its retirement is actually a period for a period, so that China will step into another field in the development of the space station. From the experimental stage of the space station to the formal construction stage, this also means that China is thriving in this field and moving further and further into the future step by step.

The completion of the Tiangong-2 has also played a role in linking up and down. The achievements in 14 scientific research projects including cold atomic clock, gamma-ray observation, and open space quantum key distribution have laid a solid foundation for the construction of the space station in China. It is the pride of China’s scientific research field and the pride of our nation. It is full of imagination for the future.

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