Shenzhen Advanced Institute Has Made New Progress In The Field Of Pressure Sensors

Recently, the photonic information and energy materials research center of shenzhen institute of advanced technology, Chinese academy of sciences has made new progress in the field of pressure sensors.Related achievements were published in ACS Applied materials & interfaces with the title of touchpoint-tailored ultra-sensitive piezoresistive pressure sensors with a broad dynamic response range and low detection limit.The first author of the paper is Chen Ming, associate researcher of shenzhen advanced institute, and corresponding authors are associate researcher li wenjie, zhong guohua and researcher Yang chunlei.

pressure sensors

Flexible wearable pressure sensors are widely used in electronic skin, medical monitoring and intelligent robot.The perfect wearable pressure sensor should have a sensing system with high sensitivity, wide range and low detection limit.However, traditional pressure sensors cannot meet these requirements at the same time.The chun-lei Yang group modulation technology, through contact with flexible polyimide film/rough forked electrode/polydimethylsiloxane film microstructure was prepared by high performance flexible wearable pressure sensor, the sensor sensitivity in the range of 0 to 2.5 kPa of 259.32 kPa – 1, maximum measuring range to 54 kPa, about 200 mu s response time.In the aspect of health monitoring, the pressure sensor can monitor the pulse of human body.In the aspect of intelligent robot, the pressure sensor/robot system prepared by the research group can perceive slight external pressure and make rapid motion reflex.This result provides an effective technical solution for the preparation of high performance pressure sensors, and is expected to promote the practical application of pressure sensors in the fields of biomedicine, health monitoring and artificial intelligence.

The research is supported by the national natural science foundation of China and the basic research project of shenzhen municipality.

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