Seven Categories Of No-fly Zones

In order to strengthen the relationship between national economy and people’s livelihood, the focus of the national security, military security and public security prevention and control target of protection, the bill has been clear about the small unmanned aircraft may fly or leap of seven areas or facilities, including civil airport clearance for natural reserves and military facilities;Nuclear power stations and nuclear installations, ports of more than 50,000 tons, and areas within a hundred meters of the power plant and its surrounding areas;Control engineering of main power supply, water supply, gas supply and pipeline (network) in large and medium-sized cities;Hazardous chemical storage facilities that constitute a major hazard;Large mass activities, large and special railway stations, first-class bus passenger stations, schools, hospitals and other densely populated areas;Provincial and district administrative centers and prisons;Other areas and facilities as stipulated by laws, regulations and provincial people’s governments.

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