Sensor Technology Application In Military

Military sensor technical indicators tend to be more strict than ordinary industrial sensor requirements), it must be in the longitudinal vibration) and a series of external conditions. Under the influence of temperature to keep the reliability of the sensor itself. Military sensor technology is one of the important development of military technology in a country. With the development of weapons and equipment and the national defense science and technology) increasing demand of form a complete set of sensors, the sensor technology and quality put forward higher requirements.

Sensor technology is the measure of a country an important symbol of military strength and the level of productivity of a longitudinal sensor technology in the national military strength, of course, the above is essential., cannot leave sensor made by almost all modern instruments and equipment in order to apply in the field of spaceflight, aviation and many other military application requirements and constraints of supply and demand both sides of the sensor development, production and acceptance of the randomness, established the military standard system of sensor and the sensor to achieve generalization and seriation and modularization level, thus promote the technological progress and the development of weapons and equipment, to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise market, speed up the construction of market economy input fresh blood. Therefore, focus on sensor military standard quality present situation, analyze its need to improve, to improve the quality standard and applicability has very important significance.

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