Russian Military Formed A Professional Anti-UAV Force

October 28, Russia’s Western Theater Information Agency released news that the Russian military has officially formed the firstAnti-UAV force. It is learned that the force is not a contingent of task force formation, but the establishment of the Army field units within the standing organizational units, is a contingent-level units, the Russian military officials named it “e-war special forces”, the main task is Use of radio electronic warfare on the enemy UAV counterattack.

Russia has begun to take shape and become a system in the development of anti-UAV weapon systems and equipment. Among them, it mainly includes the integrated anti-aircraft combat system that integrates the existing weapon systems, the dedicated anti-aircraft electronic warfare equipment and the new mechanism weapon to suppress future UAV systems.

In recent years, the western countries headed by the United States have invested hugely in the field of drone development. Not only the research and development of a large number of advanced unmanned aircraft systems and equipment units, but also the development of a series of unmanned aerial vehicles as the core of the new concept of operations. At the same time, these unmanned aerial vehicles systems developed and equipped by the U.S. military continue to proliferate toward allies. To this end, the Russian military urgently need to take countermeasures to deal with.

On the one hand, Russia has stepped up its investment and made full use of its traditional advantages to promote the development of Anti-UAV technology. According to the information released by the Russian Ministry of Defense website, Russia will invest up to 13 billion U.S. dollars in military budget by 2020 to establish a research system for UAS operational systems and strengthen the technology of UAV and UAV R & D. The focus of the Russian anti-UAV technology is on electronic repression of the UAV system, which not only captures the weakness of the UAV system but also gives full play to the traditional advantages of the Russian military.

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