Russian Army Formed The First Anti-UAV Force

Recently, the Information Service of the Western Region Theater in Russia released news that the Russian military has officially formed the first anti-UAV force. According to reports, the force is even the size of the unit under the Western Military Region of the Russian army. As early as 2016, the Russian military has set up 20 units that are capable of both anti-aircraft, navigational and warning missions and anti-UAV capabilities.

unmanned aerial vehicles

The Russian military was the first official formation of anti-UAV standing organizational units, the main task is to use radio electronic warfare on the enemy UAV counterattack. Russia’s anti-UAV tactical thinking is that for large and medium-sized UAVs, similar to the traditional anti-aircraft warfare defense. For small drones, the first deployment of specialized reconnaissance command vehicles, consisting of anti-UAV reconnaissance networks throughout the territory, By tracking and capturing radio remote control signals and GPS signals, the UAV can not hide. A number of single-armed air defense missiles form a ladder of defense-wide or full-coverage defensive cross-sections, and at the same time direct the ground equipment for electromagnetic suppression and guide the Air Force fighters to the target area of the drone to form an integrated anti-Machine network.

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