Record Drill Runs With Innovative Downhole Tool On The Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS)

(Bergen / Wallingford 8th Jan, 2019) Several runs on the NCS has proven that the APS SureDrill-AVD™ (Active Vibration Damper) significantly improves drilling efficiency and extends bit life. By autonomously adapting to changing downhole Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) motion in real time, the AVD tool reduces drilling dysfunctions, ultimately leading to faster, more efficient drilling.

A major Norwegian sector operator and service company employed the AVD tool to drill a 1656m 12 ¼” section from casing point to casing point in a 66-degree tangent section in one run. The run was the best in the field, drilling more footage at a faster penetration rate than the previous 8 wells, and more importantly saved the cost of one or more trips for BHA changes.

SureDrill-AVD™ is the first downhole tool that utilizes the technology behind adaptive shock absorbers from the automotive industry. Based on real-time data, the tool automatically adjusts the damping using fluid viscosity changes. This reduces torsional, axial and high frequency vibrations, as well as stick slip. The AVD essentially decouples vibrations from the lower BHA from the rest of the drill sting, which minimizes drill string dysfunction, resulting in cost savings both on drilling operations and equipment.

PSW Group has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with APS Technology Inc. which includes both distribution and continued development of the AVD-tool for offshore application worldwide. The tool is the drilling industry’s first “smart” self-adapting vibration suppressor. “We are proud to team up with such a reputed technology company, and confident that our expertise paired with their technology is a good match”, says Oddbjørn Haukøy, CEO of PSW Group.

In connection with the partnership, PSW Group is increasing capacity to handle international demand, and has established field offices in several central locations. Haukøy explains; “With the results we have seen, we believe that this tool will improve drilling efficiency globally. Expanding into markets such as Australia, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico is a natural step for us to be closer to drilling operations”.

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