‘Quick Boat One’ Uses Ballistic Missile Technology

On December 7, China successfully launched two “Quick Boat One” launch vehicles at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, one using “6 arrows with one arrow” and the other with “Double Arrows with one arrow”, and successfully launched a total of 8 Satellites into orbit. The “Quick Boat One” launch vehicle set a new feat for China’s launch vehicle two times a day.

The “Quick Boat One” launch vehicle has had similar experience in launching twice a day. Last month, the “Quick Boat One” launch vehicle successfully launched twice at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center four days apart.

It can be said that the “Quick Boat One” launch vehicle broke the record of high-speed and high-success launch of the world’s launch vehicle: two launches per month and two launches per day.

The efficient launch of the “Fast Boat One” launch vehicle is inseparable from China’s recent vigorous efforts to encourage military and civilian integration and development. In other words, the “Quick Boat One” launch vehicle combines China’s advanced launch vehicle technology and ballistic missile technology.

China’s launch vehicle technology has always been known for its ultra-high success rate. Among them, the rocket’s attitude control, remote sensing detection and other technologies are world-leading, which perfectly guarantees every successful launch of our launch vehicle.

China and even the world ’s launch vehicles have always been powered by liquid fuel engines, with medium and large launch vehicles as the main force. These rockets have a carrying capacity of more than one ton, which is suitable for launching medium-to-large satellites with powerful functions and a wide range of services.

Today, the world ’s small and micro satellites are developing rapidly. Most of these small satellites weigh less than 500 kg. Although their functions are relatively single, they have considerable commercial value. And small satellites need fast, massive, and cheap launch vehicle launch services. Although the mainstream carrier rockets of various countries have large capacity, they have long production time and high launch costs, making them not suitable for launching small satellites.

The “Quick Boat One” launch vehicle is a product born under this market background. To meet the needs of small satellite launches: fast, large, and cheap, it innovatively uses ballistic missile-related technologies to achieve these three goals.

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