Private Company Successfully Launched Rocket

Just recently, on July 25th, there was a new milestone in the history of China’s space launch, namely the successful launch of China’s private carrier rockets. This private carrier rocket, named “Double Curve No. 1” Changan Auchan, was designed and launched by Beijing StarCraft Glory. However, as a civilian company, it is natural to save a little bit, so the “Double Curve No. 1” Changan Ouchan was launched by the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

It is reported that on the same day, Changan Ou Shanghao successfully sent several satellites to the planned circular orbit of 300 kilometers. After winning the title of the first successful launch of the private carrier rocket, the opportunity also took away the achievements of the private rocket for the first time. Therefore, some people will also launch the StarCraft Glory Company of Changan Auchan as China’s SpaceX. As we all know, SpaceX Corporation of the United States is currently the leader of the civil aerospace industry. The company has multiple versions of the “Falcon” carrier rocket and the reusable “Dragon” cargo spacecraft and the offshore mobile landing platform ASDS. It can be said that its product line is quite perfect, which is incomparable to StarCraft Glory, which has just started.

On the whole, the technical level of China’s private aerospace industry can be ranked second in the world. This ranking is already very good. It is exaggerated to say that it is more powerful than the state-owned aerospace industry in some countries. As an auxiliary to the state-owned aviation industry, the civil aviation industry can effectively share some marginal scientific research tasks, thereby reducing the burden on the state-owned aviation industry. Coupled with the application of the “sail ball technology” black technology, the future can be expected. The goal of China’s space flight from the stars and the sea is getting closer.

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