Principle And Application Of Micro Accelerometer

In the 20 century 40 in the early 1990s by the Germans developed the world’s first pendulous gyro accelerometer. For more than half a century, various accelerometers came into being due to the demand for inertial measurement elements in aerospace, aviation and navigation fields, and the performance and accuracy have also been greatly improved.

MEMS accelerometers

One of the most important inertial instruments as accelerometers are available, used in inertial navigation and guidance system, and automatic weapons and high technology and its driving carrier of high precision guidance together. The accelerometer at this time is very expensive, so that it is rarely asked in other fields.

It was not until the advent of micromachined accelerometers that this situation had changed. With the development of MEMS technology, inertial sensors have become one of the most successful and widely used MEMS devices in the past few years, and micro accelerometer is an outstanding representative of inertial sensors.

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