Practice 20 Satellite Breakthrough Western Monopoly

A few days ago, a domestic media once again disclosed an exciting piece of good news: On the basis of years of continuous technical breakthroughs, China Academy of Space Electronics and Information Technology has developed a spaceborne high-speed coherent laser communication terminal with a rate of up to 10Gbps. In practice, the No. 20 satellite successfully completed the on-orbit verification of related technologies such as precise pointing and fast acquisition, and achieved good results in the first phase of the laser communication field. It is reported that the test broke the technological monopoly of Western countries in one fell swoop.

Laser communication technology is a new type of wireless communication method that uses optical signals as an information transmission medium. It is a frontier scientific and technological field focused on by major countries in the world. From a technical point of view, the basic operating principle of laser communication is similar to that of radio communication, that is, the sound and image information to be transmitted is first modulated onto the laser beam, but these laser beams containing information are emitted and passed through, for example, an optical receiving antenna , Light detectors and other receiving devices for identification and analysis. According to different types of transmission media, laser communication can be divided into atmospheric laser communication and optical fiber communication. Compared with the existing information transmission methods, laser communication has the advantages of large-capacity information bearing, strong confidentiality, and extremely fast transmission speed. It can improve the efficiency of information transmission, and truly protect personal privacy and maintain national information security. A major technology strategy for the future development trend.

In this technical field, China has achieved world-renowned achievements through years of hard work. In 2017, China implemented the No. 13 high-orbit technology test satellite equipped with a laser communication terminal, successfully completing the world’s first high-speed laser two-way communication test on the ground, which laid a good foundation for building an integrated information communication network between heaven and earth. Last year, China conducted relevant tests on laser communications through some satellites of the Beidou navigation system, and achieved the expected results. In addition, on the basis of carrying out point-to-point communication transmission, Chinese scientists have continuously tried the “one-to-many” transmission form and made substantial progress, which provides favorable conditions for the ultimate realization of many-to-many transmission.

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