‘Oriental SpaceX’ Test Succeeded

On March 27th, the Chinese private rocket hacker aerospace company carried out a rocket flight recovery test, and the launched “new route baby” flew 20 meters in the case of strong wind interference outside, and landed smoothly in the center of the recovery test site. This also marks the success of China’s first recyclable rocket test. The Chinese private enterprise hacker space team also succeeded the team of two US companies – SpaceX (Space Explorer) and Blue Origin (Blue Origin), the world’s third successful rocket hovering recovery team.

Although the recyclable rocket technology of Chinese companies is still far behind SpaceX, it is only a low-altitude test, but it is also a breakthrough. Every new technology investment is also made in repeated experiments. Hu Zhenyu, CEO of Hacker Aerospace, said that he will conduct high-altitude tests in a few months, and believe that soon China will have recyclable rockets that can go into space and return to the original road.

The success of the recyclable rocket has made Chinese netizens happy, even calling the hacker space a “Oriental SpaceX.” At the same time, it also allowed netizens to focus on Chinese private aerospace companies. With the support of the powerful national aerospace industry, the private aerospace industry has also ushered in the spring. The development of private aerospace enterprises will play a huge role in the future space business field, and will also help expand China’s space field projects.

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