Ocean Science Tester Is About To Be The First Sea Trial

Recently, another ocean science research instrument in China, the “Dayang”, was completed and delivered in Guangzhou. It will go to the South China Sea on August 20 to conduct the first sea trial of the survey equipment.

Designed by China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., the ship is the first 4,000-ton ocean comprehensive resource survey vessel independently developed by China. The ship will effectively enhance China’s comprehensive investigation and ocean exploration capabilities for international sea resources and environment.

According to 701, the “Ocean” has a total length of 98.5m, a ship width of 17m, a designed displacement of about 4,650 tons, a maximum speed of 16 knots, an endurance of 14,000 nautical miles, a self-sustaining power of 60 days, 60 personnel, and more than 60 types of investigation equipment. .

The delivery of the ship marks a new era for China’s exploration of the comprehensive capabilities and research level of the ocean resources environment, and is of great significance for safeguarding China’s rights and interests in international waters.

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