New Boat 700 High-profile Debut

Recently, the 16th Dubai International Air Show opened at the Al Maktoum International Airport. More than 1,200 exhibitors from 63 countries gathered here. At this air show, China’s aviation industry centered on the three major lines of drones, military aircraft and civil aircraft. There were 7 major categories of 14 key products exhibiting. Among them, the “Xinzhou” 700 aircraft and the Yun 12 series aircraft as a representative of the civil aircraft debut at the air show.

The size of the Dubai Air Show is among the world’s leading international airshows. It mainly radiates from the African market and the Middle East. It has great influence. The Chinese aviation industry has been participating for 10 consecutive years. Among the civil aircraft, the “Xinzhou” series aircraft participated in the Dubai Air Show many times. In 2011, the “Xinzhou” 600 aircraft once set off a “Chinese style” at the air show. This time, the model of the 1:20 New Boat 700 aircraft was quietly displayed.

It is understood that the “Xinzhou” 700 aircraft project was established in 2013, and in February 2019, it passed the detailed design review and was transferred to the production trial and verification stage. As a new model of the “New Boat” series of aircraft, the aircraft is a new generation of advanced turboprop regional aircraft under development in China. It has independent intellectual property rights and is suitable for medium and short-haul routes. It can adapt to high altitude, high temperature, short runway airport and over the mountains. Such a complicated flight environment.

At the same time, the economy of the “New Boat” 700 aircraft is also outstanding, and it is lower than the same type of aircraft in terms of fuel consumption, operating costs and maintenance costs. It also has the characteristics of fast, comfortable and advanced to adapt to each route, and can provide customized solutions for customers in different regions and different needs. It is worth mentioning that the “Xinzhou” 700 aircraft is expected to be rolled out in January 2020 and will achieve its first flight.

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