New Air Force Weapons Gather At Zhuhai Airshow

A spokesman for the Chinese air force said that the j-20 fighter jets will participate in a flying show at the China air show, and that they will appear in new colors, the air force official said. In addition, China’s first strategic transport combat aircraft, the y-20, will also be on display. The latest all-purpose helicopter, the zhi-20, will also be on display, but it may be just a model.

MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit

The three types of “20” equipment are of epoch-making significance. However, a powerful air force needs to build a strategy that can be attacked and defended. This time, the y-20’s performance in front of the world is to prove our country’s military strength with facts. The j-20 and the y-20 both appeared in the last airshow, so the most eye-catching one should be the z-20, which has recently accelerated the pace of testing. But there are still not enough general-purpose helicopters with good altitude performance, and the navy does not have a mid-sized helicopter. The emergence of the Chinese zhi-20 utility helicopter will greatly alleviate this deficiency.

The “three 20’s” of zhuhai airshow are the pride of our country. For the j-family “three 20” fans are very familiar, in fact, plus h-20, it should be “four 20”. According to the development progress, h-20 will not appear for a while, and it is unlikely to even appear at the next airshow.

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