National Satellite Precision Competition: US 0.1 Meters, Russia 1.2 Meters, Rising Star China?

As we all know, the development of science and technology is very rapid nowadays. Every country is developing high-tech weapons and equipment, such as the development of the Internet, so that ordinary people can quickly know what happened in each place and what happened. Among them, it is the artificial satellite. After all, we travel far away, it is essential to use navigation, it can accurately know where we want to reach the destination, the accuracy is very high.

The application of satellites to the military is even more remarkable. After all, missiles want to achieve precise strikes, and they must rely on the power of satellites so that they can strike down targets in far-reaching places. At present, China, Russia, and the United States are relatively well-developed technologies for satellites. The satellites developed are relatively advanced, but many people are more precise about the accuracy of satellite positioning in the three countries.

Let us first understand the military-first United States, the United States as the world’s first country to apply satellite positioning systems, the technology on the satellite is relatively mature and perfect. According to the understanding, the US GPS satellites have spread all over the world, and after years of development, the US satellite positioning technology has developed to the third generation. The United States has also used satellites to fight in many wars, causing major losses to the target countries. It can be seen how accurate the accuracy of the US satellite system is, and the error range of 0.1 meters is reached. It can be seen that there is basically no error.

The Russian military’s satellite system is also very advanced, but Russia’s internal economic situation has led to Russia’s use of the legacy of the Soviet Union over the years and its inability to continue its in-depth research and development of technology, so Russia’s Satellite technology is also slowly developing, and even today the number of satellites is gradually decreasing. However, the accuracy of satellite positioning in Russia is also within 1.2 meters.

As a rising star, China has independently developed the Beidou satellite system, and its performance does not belong to the former two. According to the current data, China has launched 43 Beidou satellites, and the service scope of the Beidou satellite system has gradually expanded over the years. , reaching the global scope, and after testing, the accuracy of the Beidou system has reached an error of 0.4 meters. It can be seen that although there are still some gaps with the United States, in the world, it is still relatively advanced.

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