My Navy 075 Is Ready To Go Out

Recently, with the growing exposure of the first domestic amphibious assault ship of a shipyard in China, the topic of amphibious assault ships has also been unfolding. Although everyone is very lively, I believe that many of my friends are not very clear about some basic concepts. They are more concerned with the trend. In the positioning and understanding of our amphibious assault ships, this has also happened. Such deviation. So for this article, discuss with everyone.

The amphibious assault ship does not have a large deck area compared to the aircraft carrier. This is because the aircraft carrier mainly serves the carrier aircraft, and the large modern jet carrier aircraft, even with the catapult and the blocking net, puts high demands on the length space for take-off and landing, so everything The core is designed around the deck platform. Moreover, although in recent years US aircraft carriers, including France’s Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, have frequently launched land-based aircraft against land on overseas activities, but the fundamental reason is that the opponent has no decent navy, can only be used by the United States and France. Pressed, so the carrier aircraft can perform the task of hitting the land. In the real ocean battle, the first priority of the aircraft carrier is to carry out the task of making the sea power of the sea right with the other aircraft carrier formation and other formations. The most typical one is the battle between the US and Japan Midway. Because the US aircraft carrier was a big one after World War II, many people forgot the fundamental tasks of the aircraft carrier. With carrier-based aircraft and ship-borne early warning aircraft as the core, air defense and attack on enemy ships are carried out, and then land attacks are carried out. Moreover, aircraft carriers do not have the ability to load and deliver land equipment, which is the fundamental difference between aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships. Although the amphibious assault ship also partially took off from the ship and carried out air strikes, especially the short-range vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing aircraft represented by Jacques 141, Haitang, AV8B and F35B, was the land of the amphibious assault ship. The strike further expanded the scope, but its essence was to support the landing forces rather than to fight alone. In the discussion of the amphibious assault ship, putting together the partial overlapping functions of the aircraft carrier and the amphibious assault ship, it seems that the fixed-wing aircraft hits the ground like the aircraft carrier, and it is easy to draw inappropriate results.

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