Multi-type Rockets Will Be Used To Build A Space Station

Among the more than 40 launches this year, the most notable is the space station construction mission jointly launched by multiple Long March rockets, which is the first time in China’s space history that multiple Long March rockets have carried out the same mission.

To be specific, the Long March 5B rocket will launch the core module of the space station, the Long March 7 rocket will launch the Tianzhou cargo spacecraft, and the Long March 2F rocket will launch the Shenzhou manned spacecraft to send astronauts to the space station.According to China’s space station construction plan, the Type 3 rocket will complete 11 missions this year and next, launching the core module, the Qintian experimental module and the Mengtian experimental module to assemble and build the basic configuration of the space station in orbit.During this period, China also plans to launch four Shenzhou manned spacecraft and four Tianzhou cargo spacecraft for crew rotation and cargo replenishment.

The Long March 2F rocket is expected to complete seven launches between 2021 and 2023.Jiang revealed that to ensure the safety of the astronauts, the Long March 2F rocket will be on emergency duty and can carry out emergency rescue missions on the space station in the first time.The escape system of the rocket has been improved, and the flight reliability of the rocket has been improved from 0.97 to 0.98.

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