Moving Through The Antenna: The Connection Of The ‘needle Tip To The Awning’

Calling, sending friends, brushing Weibo, watching videos, today’s mobile phones have become part of our lifestyle. But in the sea without network signals, these seemingly ordinary habits are a luxury.

The fishermen go fishing in the sea and can only contact the relatives on the land by maritime satellite phone. The high amount of telephone charges can not afford the fishermen to consume, and the mobile phone has become a “display”.

But now the fishermen in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, are very happy. They only need to install a silver-and-white, pot-like product on the ship. When the fishing boat is sailing on the sea, the communication terminal can receive the signal from the satellite. Converted to WiFi signal, then you can directly enjoy the Internet, watch live video, use WeChat, and the cost is still very low.

“This ‘pot’ is called the ship-carrying antenna.” The project leader and general manager of Beijing Xingwang Weitong Technology Development Co., Ltd. Xu Wei told reporters that the antenna can realize real-time, high-bandwidth and uninterrupted transmission. Multimedia information such as images, video and voice is the best choice for emergency communication, mobile communication and communication in remote areas.

In recent years, the R&D team led by technical talents such as Xu Wei and Zhang Zhongyi, independently developed their own tracking and pointing system based on inertia/Beidou based on their technical advantages in the fields of Beidou and inertia, breaking through the movement. Key technologies such as automatic satellite finder technology, low-cost inertial attitude measurement technology, and dynamic antenna tracking technology have effectively improved product performance, greatly reduced the cost of use, and promoted the industrial application of mobile satellite communication antennas. In the 2017 Beijing Science and Technology Awards, the project won the second prize.

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