Mini Version 055 Face

The 054B frigate made a major change in the shape of the 054A frigate. The shape of the 054B frigate is closer to 055, and the lines in all parts of the body are very smooth and smooth. This smooth shape will effectively reduce the radar reflection frequency of the 054B frigate while reducing the radar reflection area of the 054B frigate. This makes the 054B frigates easy to survive under the attack of anti-ship missiles.

Secondly, the air defense force of the 054B frigate will be greatly enhanced. From the current situation, the number of air defense systems carried by the 054A frigate is 36 units. Such an air defense system is not enough to support the 054B frigate’s air defense operations at sea. Therefore, in order to improve the air defense strength of the Navy frigate, it is necessary to add the air defense unit of the 054B frigate. The air defense unit of the 054B frigate will increase from 36 to 40 in 054A. Moreover, these 40 air defense units will also break the format of the centralized deployment of the 054A frigate air defense system. According to reports, the air defense unit of the 054B frigate can be deployed in 20 separate front and rear. The effect of this deployment is more than double that of the 054A frigate 36 air defense units.

Once again, the 054B frigate or become China’s first frigate capable of launching cruise missiles will inevitably become the world’s first frigate to launch cruise missiles. Since the 054B frigate is the 055 drive, the layout of its various combat facilities will be imitated according to the characteristics of the 055 drive. The 055 big-drive air defense system can launch long-sword 10 cruise missiles, while the 054B frigate’s sling system can launch small cruise missiles to launch long-range precision strikes on the enemy.

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