Military Inertial Navigation Requirements

Inertial navigation as military cutting-edge technology, its necessary demand remained stable growth. Compared with the satellite navigation, inertial navigation does not need to rely on external signal source, it has the advantages of stable and hidden in the military field can not be replaced, are widely used in aircraft, tanks, ships and missiles, and other fields. According to different types of technology, inertial navigation can be divided into fiber inertial navigation and laser inertial navigation, MEMS inertial navigation. Inertial navigation as a sophisticated technology, value, and it has a high technical barriers, benefiting from aviation equipment upgrades, and national defense information, demand will remain stable growth.

Although the inertial navigation industry still monopolized by military industrial group, scientific research institutes, but industry in positive changes. Have a bigger say in the military for inertial navigation manufacturers, in order to reduce procurement cost, continuously introducing competition, inertial navigation manufacturers began to diversification.

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