Military Industry: Military Inertial Demand For High Growth people Join The Army Ushered In The Inflection Point

Inertial navigation is the cutting-edge essential technology of the military industry. The demands of the intertial nvaigation maintain a stable high growth.Compared with satellite navigation, inertial navigation does not need to rely on external signal sources, with stable and hidden advantages, which is irreplaceable in the military field , and widely used in fighters, chariots, ships and missiles and other fields.According to the different types of technology, inertial navigation can be divided into laser inertial navigation, fiber inertial navigation and MEMS inertial navigation.Inertial navigation as a cutting-edge technology, with large value, and high technical barriers, benefits from land, sea and air equipment upgrades, and national defense information, whose demands will remain stable and high growth.

Industry positive changes occur, the people of the army usher in the inflection point. Although the inertial navigation industry is still monopolized by the military group research institutes, but the industry in the positive changes. The military for the inertial manufacturers sill have a greater voice. In order to reduce procurement costs, continue to introduce competition, inertia manufacturers began to diversify, at the same time, the strength of private enterprises continue to have at least with the second and third line of scientific research institutes to compete strength. Private enterprises can compete directly with research institutes, or become the way of supporting their manufacturers, get more orders. In the context of the deep integration of the military and civilian, the industry is also the trend of the industry to join the upside.

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