Manned Lunar Exploration Work Is Steadily Advancing

It was learned from the 1st China Space Science Conference that China’s manned lunar exploration work is progressing steadily, and it is expected to build a scientific research station on the moon to lay a solid scientific and technical foundation for humans to set foot on Mars.

Chen Shanguang, deputy chief designer of China’s manned spaceflight engineering, said at the conference held in Xiamen that the future development trend of manned spaceflight is manned lunar exploration, establishing a lunar base, conducting scientific research, expanding human activities, and The long-term manned deep space exploration continues to accumulate technology and experience, and the long-term goal is to achieve human reaching Mars.

Chen Shanguang said that in the process of manned lunar exploration, the astronauts will set up detection facilities on the lunar surface to obtain data and samples, and innovate human understanding of the formation and evolution of the moon; using the characteristics of low gravity, weak magnetic field and high vacuum of the moon. Some people participate in physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology and other multidisciplinary research and in situ resource utilization to promote basic science innovation and development; explore human survivability, methods and basic life science issues on the moon, and gradually build a lunar living environment. To lay the foundation for mankind to go further into the deep space.

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