Long March 5B Arrives In Wenchang And Will Carry A New Generation Of Manned Spacecraft

In 2019, China has 34 satellite launches, accounting for more than a third of the world ’s total. In 2020, China has set a series of space plans, and the number of launches exceeded 40 for the first time. No country can match us. And in the middle and late April of this year, China’s most important link in building the space station, the Long March 5B Yaoyi carrier rocket, is about to be launched.

It is reported that the Long March 5B carrier rocket is 53.7 meters in length, bundled with 4 boosters with a diameter of 3.35 meters, the fairing length is 20.5 meters, the take-off mass is 849 tons, and the carrying weight is 22 tons. Leading level. At the same time, the fuel used this time is non-toxic and pollution-free liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen and kerosene. Under the premise of ensuring the driving force, strict control of environmental pollution is a model for the development of countries around the world.

Due to the relatively large volume, after the successful construction of the Long March 5B carrier rocket, it took 7 days of shipping and 5 days of land transportation on the road to transport all the components to the Wenchang space launch site. According to the introduction of relevant R & D personnel, this long march 5B launch vehicle is a brand new rocket. It is a large launch vehicle developed on the basis of the long march five. It is currently the largest carrying capacity in low earth orbit in China. Rocket. In addition, the Long March 5B carrier rocket will also carry a new generation of manned spacecraft test vessels, that is to say, China’s manned spaceflight development is expected to go further.

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