Long March 2C Rocket Successfully Launched Ocean One D Star

At 2:31 on June 11, the Long March 2C rocket successfully put the Ocean One D star into the scheduled orbit. The reporter learned from the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, that there will be two launch missions for the Long March 2C rocket in 2020.

The Long March 2C rocket that carried out this launch mission is China’s first “Gold Medal Rocket” and also a “veteran” on the launch site. High reliability is its important label.

“This mission is mainly aimed at improving the problem of the large deformation of the rocket fairing during the fall.” Gao Jiayi, the chief designer of the Long March 2C carrier rocket of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, told reporters that the fairing is a large diameter and internal The hollow, thin-walled structure is easily deformed during the fall, causing damage to the fairing.

To this end, in this task, the model team added an X-shaped beam and a beam to the internal structure of the fairing to improve the anti-deformation ability of the fairing, so that it will not be easily deformed and damaged during the fall. In addition, an optical fiber strain sensor was installed on the fairing for the first time to measure the strain, stress and other parameters received during the fall of the fairing, which provided a reference for the analysis of the force on the fairing and the subsequent improvement measures.


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