Long March 11 Launch Vehicle

At 12:06 on June 5, 019, the Long March 11 carrier rocket successfully carried out the first sea launch in the Yellow Sea waters of China, and sent seven satellites into the orbit to fill the sea launching blank of China’s launch vehicle. The rocket is 20.8 meters long, weighs 58 tons and has a takeoff thrust of 120 tons.

Unlike the land launch site, its location is at sea, and the sea is generally selected for a relatively wide sea area. If it is recycled, it will not affect civilians, and some important facilities. Compared to land launch sites, land launches. Even if the field is located in a remote place where no one lives, it will inevitably hurt the masses as long as errors occur. The sea launch is safer, the sea population density is small, and of course the probability of accidents is smaller, and the booster and the first and second wrecks can fall directly into the sea, reducing unnecessary trouble.

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