Logging Optical Fiber Sensor Problem

At present, the Fober optic sensor is widely used in the field of well logging, but there are still some problems to be solved. Because of the borehole fluid in contact with the fiber optical sensor is likely to affect the performance of fiber optical, in the process of how to improve fiber optical performance to improve the stability of underground fiber optic sensor has great practical significance. In addition, further reduce the loss of signal light is also the focus of research in the future. At the same time, the design of the fiber optical connector and catheter hanger connection head also needs to be further optimized.

In recent years, the excellent characteristics of logging fiber optic sensor has caused the wide attention of the industry, many scientific research units and companies have been working on technology research, domestic logging fiber optic sensor research and development are in a stage of vigorous development.But as a result of relevant research started late, there exists a number of patents in the field and patent into the plight of the less. Domestic enterprises should be combined with market demand, targeted technical research and development characteristics, and increase the intensity of patent application, patent layout, perfect in form as soon as possible logging fiber optic sensor of patent protection network, improve the international competitiveness of the enterprise.

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