Liaoning Ship Summer Outbound Ten Day Tour

The People’s Liberation Army Navy’s Liaoning ship and its escort formation entered the western Pacific Ocean and went south. It once approached the waters of Guam and then descended from the Philippine waters and has now entered the South China Sea. It is roughly speculated from the map that the Liaoning ship formation team had a “summer outbound tour” for about 10 days and sailed back and forth over 6,000 kilometers, which is equivalent to a circle in the western Pacific. This is the farthest cross-regional voyage training of the Liaoning fleet.

The navy’s royal photographer in Japan released the photo of the Liaoning ship formation. The Liaoning ship and its escort formation consisted of a 051c guided missile destroyer, a 052d guided missile destroyer, two 054a guided missile frigates, and Hulun Lake. “No. 901 ocean-going integrated supply ship.

In this 6,000-kilometer voyage, the Liaoning aircraft carrier formation is exploring the technology of the offshore warfare. The future space of the Liaoning ship and the first domestic aircraft carrier is much larger than it is now. In the future, the Chinese navy will frequently enter and exit the first and second island chains will be normalized.

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