KVH High Precision Fiber Optic Gyroscope USES Photonic Chip Technology

KVH Industries recently announced that it will integrate its photonic chip technology into fibre optic gyro products, delivering prototypes of its new photonic gyro IMU to selected customers in late December, foreign media reported.Developed by KVH engineers, the photonic chip technology aims to achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy and meet the stringent requirements of developers of autonomous vehicles.

During product development, the Photonic Gyro IMU prototype tea will show its strong navigation performance, and its Angle random walk (ARW) and zero bias instability perform well. The above two parameters are the two most important performance parameters of self-driving vehicles.

The Photonic Gyro IMU prototype has an angular random walk or noise value below 0.0097 / h, which is very low and supports extremely precise navigation.In addition, the zero deviation stability or drift value of the product is also very low, the measured value is 0.02 degrees/hour.Low drift is the key parameter to maintain position and provide high precision steering measurement.

With the development of this photonic chip technology, KVH will realize mass production of high-performance, low-cost and high-performance inert systems, and the manufacturing process will use less labor.KVH will produce fiber optic gyroscopes and inertial system products based on fiber optic gyroscopes at Tinley Park in Illinois.

“” sensor fusion technology will play a critical role for autonomous vehicle operations,” “says van Heyningen, a senior executive at Kits.The company’s high fiber optic gyroscopes and inertial measurement devices based on fiber optic gyroscopes can be used in driverless vehicles.”With its high precision and photonic chip technology, the company’s photonic gyroscope is at the heart of the success of autonomous driving.

KVH’s patent for photonic chip technology is still waiting for approval. It USES a photonic integrated circuit, which can be used in fiber optic gyroscopes and inert system products based on fiber optic gyroscopes. This product has been regarded as a high-performance inert sensor in the industry.

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