J-10C Fighter And Lion Lion Fighter Debut At The Same Time

On August 29th, the Chinese and Thai air forces held an air show. In this joint exercise, the J-10C fighter and the lion lion fighter appeared at the same time, in order to celebrate the successful completion of the joint exercise. In the exercise, the J-10C fighter successfully emerged with powerful performance and defeated the lion lion fighter with a large score, which attracted the attention of many countries in the world. But this has also caused many Western countries to be puzzled and expressed their surprise for such achievements.

In this exercise, the overall layout of the J-10C was regular, and with its strong maneuverability, the lion lion fighter did not know where to break through during the drill. And the J-10C fighter radar system and the avionics and other fighter systems are extremely advanced compared to the lion lion fighter. At the same time, in the mid-range and long-distance distance battle, the lion lion fighter often does not lock the specific position of the J-10C, it has been The missile mounted on the J-10C fighter jet accurately hits.

Until the end of the exercise, the lion lion fighter could not accurately lock the exact position of the J-10C. Undoubtedly, the J-10C has an unparalleled advantage. Under the strong suppression, the lion lion fighter has no room to fight back. In this regard, a retired pilot who served in the US Air Force said on social media that the F-16 fighter he had previously driven had previously conducted confrontation exercises with the lion fighter, and he was very clear about the combat strength of the lion fighter.

Therefore, the J-10C can have such a superb performance in front of the lion lion fighter with such a strong combat performance, it is worthy of taking off your hat! It is worth mentioning that this US military pilot is very stressed when driving F-16 fighters and lion lion fighters.

Because the lion lion fighter is a light fighter, it is very advanced in terms of radar systems. Even if you use a missile to lock it, the lion lion fighter will be able to get rid of it with superb performance. Therefore, the J-10C can have such a superb performance record, which indirectly proves the excellent performance of the J-10C fighter. At the same time, I also realized that China is already an air force power.

Interestingly, the results of the J-10C drill were extremely excellent. The United States was not happy after seeing it. The country said that it is difficult to accept the Sino-Thai joint exercise. This situation can only enhance the military strength of the Chinese Air Force, while the forefoot Zhongtai just completed the warship order, the US side. It is believed that Thailand’s position should be in Western countries rather than buying Chinese warships. However, at present, it seems that the country has its own attitudes and ideas! The US has finally seen the reality.

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