Is The Satellite Suddenly Scrapped? China’s Latest Research Results Attract International Hot Discussion

Recently, we received news from the Third Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, which is implementing a new flying cloud project that can take over the satellite to complete a wide range of long-term communication tasks for land-to-sea users when necessary. According to the news of AVIC Third Hospital, the Feiyun project has completed a number of independent flight verifications, and successfully verified the communication application based on the space-based platform. The Feiyun project has achieved phased research results.

The so-called flying cloud project is to use an adjacent space solar drone to build an airborne LAN to provide an emergency communication guarantee for more than one week. According to the media, the adjacent space solar drone is a new platform that can use solar energy as its power source, autonomously obtain energy from the outside during flight, and fly for several days or even months.

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