Is Detective Mars China Ready In 2020?

China’s first Mars probe carries 13 scientific payloads that will detect the morphology, soil, environment, and atmosphere of Mars, and study the distribution of water ice, physical fields, and internal structures on Mars.

Pang Zhihao, chief scientific communication expert of space exploration technology in the country, said that if the mission is successful, China will further implement the Mars surface sampling and return mission, and finally realize the analysis of Mars from global census to local detailed investigation, landing in-situ analysis, and then to sample laboratory analysis. The science is progressive. According to Pang Zhihao, the overall scientific objectives of China’s Mars exploration program include research to determine the conditions and regions where Mars landing and life exist, the characteristics of Martian soil and its water ice, gas and material composition, Mars atmosphere and climate characteristics, Mars geological characteristics, evolution and comparative planets. Learn and so on.

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