Innovation And Wisdom Make Prosperity

Jiaxing, our correspondent February 17 (reporter huangna district committee newspaper group zhang wenshu song hanqing correspondent shen xixia) February 17, the reporter came to jiaxing science and technology city, zhejiang xindong technology co., LTD.”On the seventh day of the New Year, all the staff work to catch up on orders and put into the process development and mass production of products.Zhou jun, the chairman of the company, said that the company relies on the processing line of 6-inch micro-electromechanical (MEMS) sensor, and independently develops high-performance MEMS accelerometer, MEMS gyroscope and other sensor products, which are applied in high-end markets such as automotive electronics, optical communication equipment, inertial navigation, intelligent driving, seismic exploration and vibration monitoring.

Zhejiang xindong technology company has not been established for a long time.Why is a new company getting orders?Zhou jun is confident: “the company has mastered the entire industrial chain of high-end MEMS sensitive chips from design and manufacturing to packaging and testing, and has the core technology of independent intellectual property rights.

In nanhu district, such “hot” enterprise is more than one.”The machine runs 24 hours a day, and it will take half a month to complete the order we received three years ago.”According to ye ruhao, general manager of jiaxing tianxin electric wire co., LTD., the company invests more than 8 million yuan of scientific research funds every year to keep its technology and product quality competitive in the market.Especially in the field of new energy vehicles, accounting for more than 30% of the national market share, with yutong, byd, jinlong bus, baic new energy and other close cooperation.Faced with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, he is full of confidence for the New Year: “the company’s wire quality is stable, competitive, and has great potential for future development.

Foster good innovation carrier, fly more “golden phoenix”.Zhejiang zhirou technology co., LTD is the incubator of zhejiang tsinghua institute of flexible electronics.The patch type thermometer designed and developed by the company was approved by the provincial drug administration on December 24 last year, which means it can be officially marketed to major hospitals, clinics and people’s homes.

Reporter saw, the soft flexible patch product is less than 2 mm thick, weighs just 8 g, mobile phones can be real-time monitoring signs data such as body temperature, heart rate, and make analysis on common diseases, is currently the world’s most light, one of the most thin signs collection and monitoring equipment, is also a flexible wearable medical monitoring equipment manufacturing a gratifying achievements.

“It took the team two and a half years to finally get the product to market!”Fu ji, general manager of the company, looks excited. “the company has reached cooperation intention with the local hospital in jiaxing, and the scientific and technological achievements will truly serve the people’s life.”

“Nanhu district must integrate innovation into all aspects of economic and social development, and ignite the strongest engine of high-quality development with a new wave of innovation.”The main person in charge of nanhu district committee said that nanhu district should pay close attention to the national development strategy of Yangtze river delta integration and the construction of G60 technology innovation corridor, and constantly accelerate the pace of independent innovation, science and technology incubation and achievement transformation, so as to stand out in the journey of high-quality development.

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