Inertial Navigation Subject Opportunity Prospects

Even if large-scale application in satellite navigation, inertial navigation still has an alternative.1) Inertial navigation does not accept the satellite signal, nor outward radiation energy, therefore, concealment, anti-interference performance is stronger; 2) Inertial attitude information, output the motion of the satellite navigation cannot track attitude; 3) The frequency of the inertial navigation is greater than the satellite navigation, can carry more information, to adapt to the carrier of the high speed movement; 4) Combination of inertial + satellite navigation and complementary, it has large application.

With the progress of photovoltaic technology, accelerometer from traditional force balance accelerometer, development to small power consumption, the assembly simpler quartz accelerometer, and lightweight MEMS accelerometer; Gyroscope is developed from the original mechanical and electromechanical gyro and optical fiber, laser gyroscope, MEMS gyroscope. MEMS inertial sensor because of its low price and low power consumption, the characteristics of small volume, the widely used fully opened the space of inertial commercial and residential markets.

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