Inertial Navigation Has Made Substantial Breakthrough

Modern armaments are highly dependent on navigation and positioning technology, and navigation and positioning usually cannot exist alone without satellites, which leads to a high degree of dependence on satellite navigation in sophisticated armaments. However, satellite navigation has natural weaknesses. If these weaknesses are exploited, they are likely to cause significant losses to the use of high-end armaments. China has recently captured key technologies in inertial navigation. It opens the new navigation mode and finds the direction for the high-end to get rid of the traditional navigation mode. It is of great significance and the world pays close attention to it.

inertial navigation.

China scientists in recent studies to overcome the influence of the core technology of inertial navigation technology implementation, at least to the point. Alongside the US public information shows that the inertial navigation is a new way of precise navigation, its principle is very unique, is not dependent on external information does not radiate energy, but mainly by inertia sensitive element, new model benchmark position information and approved direction information for autonomous navigation. Inertial navigation has strong anti-interference ability, ability to adapt to the battlefield advantages is the world’s major military powers compete to seize the commanding heights.

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