In The Next Decade Or So, The National Footprint Will Set Foot On The Moon.

Facing the long journey of the vast universe, facing the complicated and unknown space of the earth and the moon, facing the problems of measurement and control communication in far-reaching space, the research team of the lunar exploration project dared to innovate and realized the first time in many international times: the first 7-meter resolution was obtained. The monthly stereogram has been maintained for a world record of 8 years; for the first time, it is long-term exploration at the L2 point of the Lagrange in the first month; the geological profile of about 200 meters below the moon table is obtained for the first time.

Wu Weiren revealed in his speech that with the return of the “Chu’s 5” from the lunar sampling this year, the launch of the first Mars probe and other landmark projects next year, China will rank among the world’s space powers. In the next decade or so, the lunar South Pole will have a lunar research station with Chinese leadership and multi-country participation. The Chinese people’s footprint will set foot on the moon, and China will enter the forefront of the world’s space power.

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