In 2018, China’s Decelerator Industry Is On The Trend Of Environmental Protection And Intellectualization.

In recent years, our country industry development and stability of the gearbox, industry products from the original single cycloid reducer, development to the present cycloid reducer, stepless transmission, gear reducer, worm gear and worm reducer, such as several major categories. The country has increased its infrastructure investment in recent years, increasing the market demand of the reducer. According to statistics from 2010 to 2016, the output of decelerator in China maintained a stable level, from 531.37 million in 2010 to 581.77 million in 2016, with an average annual compound growth rate of only 1.52%. By July 2017, the cumulative output of China’s decelerator has reached 363,930,000 units.

China’s main reducer is divided into infinite speed reducer, electric drum, gear reducer, turbine reducer and cycloid reducer, 5 kinds of products in the five products in the industry of our country speed reduction, cycloid speed reducer production accounted for the highest, 34.24%. The second is worm gear reducer, accounting for 32.64%; Gear reducers came in third with 27.36 percent.

Reducer, as one of the basic equipment industry in our country, through continuous technological introduction and research, large-scale reducer enterprise continuous research and development in product design, technology level and quality control, etc., has been gradually narrowing the gap with the world advanced level. However, structural adjustment, to the development of the capacity in the country, driven by the output of the reducer industry in our country will remain in a relatively stable level, with the development of environmental protection and wisdom, the application will develop gradually to the direction of environmental protection and wisdom.

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