Important Features Of Intelligent Industrial Sensors

The machine is prone to extreme operating conditions and is affected by vibration, noise and environment. Industrial machine sensor should have a strong vibration resistance, less able to capture the noise signal, response speed, to capture all the vibration, stable performance, not affected by environment parameters such as temperature, humidity change. Finally, reliability and performance should be high.

The role of algorithms

Software libraries play an important role in turning the sensor raw data into meaningful use cases. The algorithm can improve the function of the sensor and realize the unexpected function.

The algorithm integrates the data sent by different sensors and then outputs the context-aware data.

Accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetic compasses have their own advantages and disadvantages. The shortboard of the sensor includes calibration imperfection, time or temperature drift, random noise. The magnetometer and the accelerometer are troubled by distortion, and thegyroscope itself has a drift problem. Sensor fusion algorithms library is used in the three sensors to complement each other, each other to improve the calibration accuracy, output accurate results in all scenarios, not only the output will pass through the calibration of the sensor data, and heading Angle and the Angle information.

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