Hypersonic Anti-ship Missile Exposure

According to the famous defense website defense blog report, there is news that China is developing a space-surve hypersonic anti-ship missile for surface ships. The prototype missile of this type of missile has been tested on land and will be added to the Type 055 guided missile destroyer in the future.

At present, the development of China’s hypersonic aircraft is at the forefront of the world. Various types of military and civilian hypersonic vehicles have been launched and launched in live ammunition, which has made positive contributions to China’s progress in this field! On April 23, the “Tianxing I-1” hypersonic vehicle of Beijing Lingkong Tianxing Company and Xiamen University jointly launched the first flight. After the launch, both the rocket and the aircraft were successfully recovered, which greatly reduced the launch cost. This is just the epitome of the development of China’s hypersonic aircraft!

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