How Does Beidou Satellite Navigation System Move From Minority To Mass?

Turn on the phone, the most common satellite navigation system generally is the United States global positioning system (GPS),and then what about the Chinese people’s own Beidousatellite navigation system (BDS) application ?

Expanding the scale of BDS industry is the established strategy for developing Beidou industry chain in China.Some experts pointed out that the “initial intention” of BDS birth is the military, currently the purpose is to protect national defense security from positioning system interference, the lack of civilian service, resulting in a embarrassed situation of the public only know GPS do not know BDS.

How does BDS move from minority to mass? On the issue of sharing bicycle management, BDS is expected to change the situation of American GPS dominance in civilian field. Not long ago, the National Satellite Navigation Positioning and Timing Industry Metrology and Testing Center created the “electronic fence” management model,through high-precision satellite positioning measurement technology installed in the shared bicycle on the satellite positioning device to monitor the shared bicycle is parked in the designated area.

BDS industry to expand the scale of application, is the development of China’s Beidou industry chain established strategy. “To seize the development of the ‘bovine nose’, really find the commanding heights of technological development, find the industry breakthrough, the Big Dipper have the international discourse.” In the recent “Big Dipper + big data” summit, China Satellite Navigation and Orientation Association chief expert Cao Chongru Say.

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