How Does A Plane Know Its Own Flying Posture?

How does a plane know its own flying posture? The question is answered by two aspects of gyroscope and inertial and satellite integrated navigation system.


Introduction of gyro: in the initial conditions of the gyroscope must and will be under the effect of external torque, the gyro will continue rotation together around another fixed shaft rotate continuously, which is the gyro precession (precession), also known as rotary effect (gyroscopic effect).

Introduction of satellite integrated navigation of satellite positioning and navigation system, which has the advantages of high precision, communication characteristics, but need to get information from the outside world; and the inertial navigation system is directional, through internal inertial devices (gyro and accelerometer), to obtain the current location information, is closed, and therefore does not need external communication. The strong independence, defect is followed to navigation, inertial navigation error will occur (caused by temperature change, a sensation, but after the algorithm of error compensation) integrated navigation system can through satellite positioning system information for error correction of punctuality, inertial system at the same time, could not bear the satellite signal, inertial navigation positioning the navigation system can guarantee the navigation information in a given time accurate.

So the combination of these two systems can allow the aircraft to measure its own posture and attitude information. The actual cases are as follows:

High precision fiber optic strapdown inertial navigation using three axis fiber optic gyroscope sensitive angular movement, and the movement of the carrier angular rate output into a digital signal ratio; three orthogonal configuration of the quartz flexible accelerometer sensitive carrier line acceleration, and the output current signal into the proportion of current signal after I/F conversion circuit converts the input signal frequency navigation computer. The navigation computer completes data receiving of gyroscope, accelerometer, external GPS, system error compensation calculation and navigation solution, and sends real-time navigation information such as speed, position, posture and so on through the monitoring port in a prescribed period.

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