High Score 7 Satellite Dual Line Camera Boot Imaging

It is reported that the high-scoring No. 7 satellite dual-line array camera boot imaging area spans 114 degrees east longitude and 127 degrees east longitude, and then transits to the northeast plain of China, the Liaodong Peninsula, the Shandong Peninsula, the southeast coast, and runs through the South China Sea. The images obtained at present are clear in detail and rich in layers, reaching the expected level. The on-orbit support team of the Beijing Institute of Space Electromechanical Research has started all aspects of on-orbit testing to ensure the acquisition of high-quality images.

The two-line array camera undertakes the main task of high-resolution mapping imaging of the high-scoring No. 7 satellite. As the name implies, the two-line array camera is a two line array push-scan imaging camera. The position is one after the other, called front view camera and rear view camera, respectively, to capture clear three-dimensional images for the earth.

So how does the camera assist satellite mapping to achieve stereoscopic image effects? Yang Jukui, head of the camera project of the Beijing Institute of Space Electromechanical Research, explained that a satellite carries two or three cameras, shooting scenes of the same target area from different angles, and then relying on extremely high precision processing to achieve 3D stereoscopic observation. effect.

With the stable flight of the high-scoring VII satellite, the front and rear-view cameras use different sweeping methods to observe the same scene on the ground from the front and rear directions, first shot from the back, and then proceed to the front of it. The shooting, the two angles of the front and rear imaging, combined with the satellite’s precise orbit determination parameters, through a large number of data processing and coordinate conversion, etc., can deduct the plane data and elevation data. At the same time, the elevation data measured by the laser altimeter carried by the satellite can calibrate the elevation data provided above, and the high-precision stereo image is released.

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