“Guohai Guoyu” Successfully Completed Drilling of Two Wells

Recently, the “Guohai Guoyu” jack up drilling platform operated and managed by Shandong Offshore Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Jinlong Intelligent Drilling Co., Ltd. successfully completed the drilling construction of the second well in Bohai Bay and officially transferred to oil test. Since drilling started in November 2021, the operation of the platform has been safe and stable. By the end of February, the cumulative drilling footage has been 6195m.

The successful implementation of the “Guohai Guoyu” platform Bohai Bay oil and gas drilling project marks a major breakthrough in the expansion of Shandong marine energy’s domestic marine drilling market. It is also a major measure to actively implement the national efforts to improve oil and gas exploration and development, and has contributed to Shandong’s marine energy strength to ensure national energy security and the construction of a maritime power.

“Guohai Guoyu” platform is a jack up super 116e jack up drilling platform (n610) built by Dalian COSCO Shipping heavy industry. The platform was delivered to Guohai offshore engineering on March 31 last year. On November 2, “Guohai Guoyu” was successfully delivered to the lessee Shandong Offshore Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. last December, “Guohai Guoyu” was successfully put into operation and drilled in the Bohai Bay.

The “Guohai” drilling platform has a total length of 918m, a working depth of 106.8m and a working depth of 918m. The main hull of the platform is in triangular shape, equipped with three square single-sided rack truss pile legs. Pile shoes are installed at the lower end of the pile legs, and stand on the seabed through the pile legs and pile shoes. The platform can be widely used in offshore drilling operations and can resist up to 100 strong winds. It has the advantages of easy operation, high efficiency and energy saving, economic maintenance, environmental protection and safety.

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