GPS Occupy 90% Market China Beidou Chip Technology Innovation Breakthrough

At the beginning of this year, has invested more than two years of operation of the Beidou navigation system good news keep pouring in, meter level high precision positioning mobile phone developed, 40 nanometer navigation chip appeared in the country, a new generation of high precision GNSS baseband chip available.

In the face of a series of good news, people of Beidou placed higher expectations, at the same time in the, the attention toward the follows a number of key issues: how to interpret the compass chip flourishing prosperity? Compass chip how to GPS occupy navigation, more than 90% of the field in the breakout success? Compass chip and industrialization development how to usher in the “golden age”? Industry trends, small size, low power consumption

Generally, the understanding of the industry for the chip, based on the different needs of the user, as used in surveying and mapping, in the field of deformation monitoring precision “high precision chip”, and is applied to the car, in the field of mobile phones and other navigation chip.

National Satellite Navigation Industry in the long-term development plan > pointed out that the core of key technology break through, is one of the key development direction and the main task, and the core technology breakthroughs, the chip is the most important.

As is known to all, the chip technology is good or not, determine the size of the chip size and power consumption. From a long-term perspective, smaller size, lower power consumption, more mature technology is the development of the chip industry trends.

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