Global Navigation Satellite System

Nowadays, the navigation system is very developed, and all this convenience is attributed to the powerful scientific and technological achievements of GNSS.

Beidou satellite navigation system is a satellite navigation and positioning system built by China. At present, China has completely built the Beidou-2 system, which is operated by 14 satellites and 32 ground stations.

It is powerful, and it can accurately capture small objects like stones in thousands of kilometers. Well, the problem is coming! Compared with our commonly used GPS, what advantages does Beidou have?

The biggest advantage of the Beidou system is the communication function or short message function, which can send short messages of 60 Chinese characters for two-way communication. Simply put, if you are Robinson or Chuck Noland, you are unfortunately living on a desert island. If you use GPS, you can only know your position, but with Beidou, not only know where you are, but others know where you are!

China’s Beidou satellite navigation system has played a major role in emergency rescue. In the dangerous industry of offshore fishing, in order to save lives at a critical moment, the fishermen who save more usually have two kinds of electronic equipment: GPS and maritime satellite (GPS for positioning, satellite phone for notification of rescue team), despite raising A maritime satellite phone is very expensive.

However, since the Beidou 2 was deployed in the Asia-Pacific region, the fishermen have a new choice, that is, the Beidou satellite ship terminal. The short message function of Beidou has been perfectly applied in the rescue of fishing boats. After a dangerous situation, the terminal will automatically send the SMS with the positioning information to the rescue team via satellite.

Tens of thousands of fishing boats have been equipped with Beidou terminals, enabling fishermen to communicate with their families through Beidou’s unique short message function even in the absence of telecom signals.

Not only that, but many of the equipment around us are also equipped with the Beidou satellite navigation system. We often ride the shared bicycle, the chip in the smart lock supports the Beidou, and the positioning is more precise.

The Beidou satellite navigation system has really entered our lives. In the words of Sun Jiadong, the father of Chinese satellites: “The application of Beidou can only be imagined and cannot be done.”

I look forward to the Chinese Beidou shining!

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